Love Overflowing

Da Zoo

I have been determined to get more use of our zoo membership this year. Not a hard thing to do considering we only went once or twice last year due to me having a broken foot for several months. I think this was our third or fourth trip this year. The weather was predicted to be beautiful. And it was going to be our last trip during the week for a while since Emily is starting pre-kindergarten Monday through Friday soon. I thought the zoo would be a great way to have a last “hurrah” before school starts.

We arrived around 9:30 and actually saw a lot of animals that we never get to see. A few being the butterflies, antelopes and wild pigs. I was surprised that we got to see so much this trip. We ran out of time before we made it to see the elephants or visit the Children’s zoo. We always have to ride the train and carousel. No matter what.

It was fun. I do enjoy living where we do and being able to load the kids up in the car on a whim and have fun like we do. It will be an adjustment when school starts….

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