Love Overflowing

Banging my head against a wall…..

aka: trying to teach Emily her colors.

I wonder if she is the ONLY two year old that thinks everything is pink. She just doesn’t get it. As hard as I try, as often as we talk about colors…Pink. Everything is pink. I have two theories:

  1. She just has no interest in learning her colors. She’s too busy doing everything else.
  2. She’s color or shade blind.

I am leaning more toward #1. Luckily we have our Parent Educator coming over next week (as long as the weather cooperates). I am going to talk to her then. If you have any ideas, I would love to have them.

We have tried a matching game with paint chips. It held her attention for about 5 minutes…

PS: One other thing that I worry about probably needlessly is the fact that she still can’t jump. It’s still one foot then the other. Never at once. I think she’s scared. Like she was with walking. It will come….