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Kid projects

Don’t worry, the kids had a few projects as well. I haven’t been hoarding all the fun! Emily decorated her gingerbread “shack”. I say shack because I could not get the sucker to stay together very well. I keep saying next year I am going to find a pre-assembled house. Much easier. Now if I can remember that I saw them at Dierbergs this year…

Zachary, my non-crafty child, painted a candy cane. He is so funny. For being all boy, he does not like having dirty hands. I had to make sure that he had a paint brush and that we had a wash cloth nearby.

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A project here, a project there.

‘Tis the season to be busy with projects. I have been able to get several finished over the past few weeks. This might explain my lack of posts recently.

The first project was a wreath that Emily and I made for my parents. I got the idea from Pinterest. I had added it to the project list for the class I am teaching in March so I thought I should actually make one before then. I used a wire hanger, a box of fold over sandwich bags and some baubles.

Project #2 were ornaments. I got the original idea from where else? Pinterest as well. I didn’t have all the materials to finish the project according to their directions. Instead, I used clear glass ornaments, Elmer’s clear school glue and Martha Stewart glass microbeads.

Projects #3, 4 and 5 were for Emily. A tutu, a shirt and a dress.



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Spooky jugs

I love the Family Fun magazine. Every month it arrives in the mailbox, full of ideas to do with the kids. Recently, we received this Halloween issue. Lots of fun ideas.
One project we actually started a month ago. It used empty milk jugs. Luckily, my kids drink a lot of milk so it didn’t take us long to accumulate jugs, even with some recycling mishaps. After we collected all the jugs, Emily and I used a black permanent marker and drew faces. I then took a utility knife and cut a hole in the back where I put some rocks in and then poked some white Christmas lights in.
Super cute and super easy. It also kept Emily busy so that makes it even better.


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Staying busy in the afternoons

Zachary, of course, still naps in the afternoons. I have been trying to do some more one-on-one activities with Emily during that time instead of spending the precious hours cleaning while she watches a show on TV. There are still days where it’s necessary because, well let’s be honest, the bathroom is not going to clean itself and she only wants to help for so long. We have been finding some stuff to do though and it’s been fun.

Flipping through Family Fun magazine a few weeks ago, I ran across “Jar-o’-lanterns”. They looked like an activity that Emily would have fun with and was easy enough to do. Surprisingly, I had no empty jars on hand. During a Wal-mart run one day, Zachary and I found a case of canning jars for $5. The craft possibilities with them are endless. That afternoon Emily and I got to work painting. We did the activity a little different since I couldn’t find the painter’s tape. We painted faces onto the pumpkins and we made ghosts as well. Cute and fun. One ghost resides at Grandma’s house and the rest of our creations have a place of honor on the mantle.

While Emily was painting the jars, I decided to make a ghost. I found an old pillow cover in the basement and painted a ghost face on it. I then used a couple of styrofoam bowls and packing pouch things to give it shape and strung plastic string through it. It is hanging on our porch. We are getting all decked out for Halloween.

Our next activity arrived in my inbox one day, bird seed ornaments. (I’m a little smitten with Hoosier Homemade. So many cute ideas and wonderful recipes.) The best part of this activity, I had all of the ingredients in the house already. Yes, even the bird seed. Emily decided that she had to be fancy while she made yummies for the birds. She did most of this herself as well. My tip- use thinner cookie cutters. If you use thick ones, don’t fill them all they way. Takes forever to dry and impatient mommies little girls cannot wait and tend to break off pieces. Although, those broken pieces were lots of fun to the one year old that loved throwing them on the driveway.

activity #3 actually involved Zachary. Surprise, surprise I found it while surfing Pinterest. This hand art screams fall. Emily did a great job with it and really went to town with the falling leaves. She never does anything half way. Zachary really didn’t care for the paint on his hand and arm. And he didn’t really want to cooperate with the leaves so I was happy with what we got. I am used to Emily, who loved painting and coloring at his age. I know, two totally different kids. These pictures now grace the walls in our living room.

The last activitiy was just something I decided to do. Probably got the idea from Pinterest. I could probably find the link if I took the time to look. Zachary and I poor kid has to run all these boring errands with me were in JoAnn’s Fabrics the other day on a mission when we ran across these 3d cardboard letters. I chose a “J” to play around with. I panted the sides of the letter with some acrylic paint and then traced the letter onto some scrapbook paper that I had in the basement and then used modpodge to adhere the paper to the letter. After it dried, I put another layer of modpodge on and sprinkled some clear beads on it to give it a little depth. Then I sprayed an acrylic coat on it.

Seems like a lot of activities but they weren’t done in one week. I actually did have to do laundry and clean the bathrooms at some point.


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Grandparent’s Day

Jimmy Carter signed the proclamation creating Grandparent’s Day in 1979. Who knew it’s been around so long? Grandparents create special relationships and impart lessons that last a lifetime. As Carter wrote, “Grandparents are our continuing tie to the near-past, to the events and beliefs and experiences that so strongly affect our lives and the world around us.”  This holiday is celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day. So September 11 this year.

I am SO on it this year. Honestly, I barely remember there is a Grandparent’s Day let alone when it is. I just happened to be in Hallmark a few weeks ago when I saw their display with Grandparent’s Day cards. I wouldn’t have remembered had that not jogged my memory. I had been looking for activities to do with Emily in the afternoons now that she has started school. I had craft block, too much work to do going on. The upcoming holiday lit a fire under my butt.

Emily and I made two crafts last week to give to the grandparents. Zachary had a hand (har, har) in one of them. We already gave my parents their card and gift. They loved it! I am sure Stephen’s parents will love theirs as well.

Happy Grandparent’s Day!!

Handprint flowers

Flower Garden

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A few projects

Emily spent a week at my sister’s last month. She thoroughly enjoyed herself and didn’t want to come home. Zachary thought being an only child was the bees knees. I am not totally convinced that he really missed her while she was gone. I really enjoyed some bonding time with him. And I took the quiet of nap time to work on my “list”. Every one has one. A list that is a mile and a half long of things that they want/need to do. I still have a ton left to do but I was able to finish getting everything priced for the upcoming consignment sale and finish a few projects.

The first one was a baby gift. I wanted to send something unique and one-of-a-kind. Something other than a gift card. I wanted to show that I put some time and thought into this gift. It was super easy and it turned out pretty cute. I am not real happy with my writing on the bottom. The paint pen did not work so well but it’s still cute, I think.
I bought an 8×10 canvas at Michaels. I blocked out with stencils the name “Matthew” and sponge painted the canvas blue. I found some super cute vinyl dinosaur stickers at Michaels as well that I put on the canvas after it tried. Then, I attempted to paint the baby’s full name, date of birth and weight with a paint pen I bought. Really not the best idea as it didn’t write as smoothly as I would have liked.
Super easy project. I think the mom liked it.

The second project was for Emily’s room. Zachary and I were looking through the clearance section of Michaels when I found a two pack 5×7 canvases for $1.50. The canvas on top had a small dent in it. Even if I had to pitch it, $1.50 for a canvas is a steal. I had an idea though. I painted the entire thing purple. Then I attached a crown stencil and painted pink over the entire canvas. After the paint tried, I attempted to use a stencil to write Emily’s name on the side with the paint pen. Again, not a good idea. The paint ran together and it turned into a big blob. I hated to pitch the entire project so I decided to print out Emily’s name onto a sheet of cardstock. I then cut it out and used modpodge to attach it to the canvas. I then hotglued silver ribbon and jewels. Emily loved it!

The last project was for Zachary! I love crafty blogs. I found this super cute idea on How Joyful. I knew I had to make this! We had some styrofoam in the basement that I thought would be perfect for this craft. I printed Zachary’s name out and made a template on the foam. I then attempted to cut it out. Not as easy as I had imagined. Next time I would find a thinner, more even piece of foam. Mine was a little thick and different sizes in place. I managed to make it work. I did accidentally break it  but was able to use some hot glue to fix it. After I sanded the styrofoam, I modpodged tissue paper to it and let it dry. I love the 3d look!

A sidenote: I love crafty/sewing blogs. I would like to be craftier than I am. I love making things and saying “I did this!” Pinterest. Oh my. It just adds to my addiction. I have found SO many ideas! I could keep myself busy for a long, long time. With my, you know, free time!

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End of the school year time. It still amazes me that Emily is just finishing up the end of her first year of preschool. Seems like I recall her just learning to walk, not going to preschool. That’s the thing with time. It just keeps moving no matter how much you want it to slow down.

Emily and I decided to make a card that we saw in the May issue of Family Fun Magazine for her teachers. It even came with a nifty template to use, which I misplaced and refused to print off a new one. We were in the craft zone and I didn’t want to disrupt that! So I think my freehand tea cup turned out ok. Emily decorated the cups for the teachers and drew them a picture. I think they turned out really cute. Add one tea bag and a gift card and voila! End of the year teacher gift!

Her teachers RAVED about them. Super easy and good bonding time for the two of us.

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I was trying to think of cute gifts Emily could give her teachers for Valentine’s Day. I honestly can’t remember the website where I found the idea.
We made salt dough x’s and o’s, plus some hearts thrown in for good measure. Emily had a great time rolling out the dough and pressing out the shapes. After baking them, she spent a good hour painting them the next day.
The end result was super cute and the bonus is that it was a project that kept her busy for some time.

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Christmas art

We are slow going on the art projects this year. Emily and I have been doing some little ones here and there but nothing really major until now. Emily made a Rudolph and Zachary made a Christmas tree. It was Zachary’s first time making a craft. He painted the tree by himself. He did really well with the finger paints. I was afraid it was going to go into his mouth immediately but he didn’t even try to taste it. Shocking! I think both projects turned out cute. Hopefully we’ll be able to fit a few more in before Christmas.

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Thanksgiving crafts- a little late

I’m a little behind…. I did want to show off our Thanksgiving crafts for this year.

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