Love Overflowing

My little man

on January 20, 2012

So there’s this boy.
He kind of stole my heart.
He calls me “mommy”.

A note to a piece of my heart: Zachary.

Two years ago, you turned my world upside down. I could have never imagined how much my life was going to change being the mother of such an amazing little boy. You are really your own person. The total opposite of your sister. I have been learning so much from you. And enjoying every minute.

You are such an energetic little boy. So full of energy, going full throttle all day long. I don’t think you ever stop and sit. You love to play with your trucks and trains. You adore your sister and imitate her all the time. You get really upset when she doesn’t want to play with you. Your love for life is contagious. And your stubbornness is to be reckoned with. Not a day goes by that I don’t hear “I do it!!!!” We have our battles because you are adamant about being so independent.

Despite your stubborn streak and independence, you love your family very much. You love to snuggle and be held. It’s common to hear you asking to be picked up, usually when I am trying to do the dishes or make dinner. Bedtime is always a nice way to end the day. Snuggles in the chair while we read books. And then you stalling when Mommy and Daddy try to leave your room.

So full of love and life. You bring a certain type of joy to this house. I know that I am one of the luckiest and blessed moms in the world to call you my son. I am full of gratitude. I don’t want you to grow up too fast but I am looking forward to watching you grow and blossom.

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