Love Overflowing

Joyful Modeling

on September 13, 2008

Wednesday night I went to an event for our local Parents as Teachers group. The session was on the discipline philosophy of “Love and Logic”. I have skimmed the book but that’s about it. I wanted to know more about it to see if it was something that we would be interested in following.

Unfortunately, the information session was mainly fluff. It really didn’t get into the “meat and potatoes” of the book, but what did I expect for an hour session? There was one thing that they talked about that really intrigued me. “Joyful Modeling”. In a nutshell, it’s being a role model, loud and proud. Talking about what you are doing and how fun and exciting it is. Sounds kind of hokey right?

I have to tell you- it works!!! Emily and I stayed home on Thursday because she was was under the weather so I took the opportunity to try it out. Diaper change time- she wanted nothing to do with it. I didn’t *model* it so don’t be scared. But I did get excited! I started singing “Let’s go change your diaper! Whoo! Let’s go change your diaper! Wow!” I was dancing my way to the bedroom as I filled my living room with earsplitting tunes. To my amazement, Emily was singing and waving her arms into the bedroom behind me. EUREKA!!! I was thinking I was on to something and you know what? I was! Whenever I would get excited about something, she did too. She was more eager to help me with stuff if I was excited about it. Picking up toys, eating dinner, getting ready for bed- she was all about it if I made it sound like it was the funnest thing that I was going to do.

I am sure some of you have been doing this, but for the rest of you- try it! You will be amazed at the results! My child is pretty easy. I got lucky. But I am always looking for ways to make things easier and more fun. Joyful modeling might be a way to do that.

As far as Love and Logic goes, I think there are great concepts and some are not for me. I am going to borrow the book from the library to read some more before I buy it to see if I like it. I am always looking to be prepared for any discipline issues that might arise so that when they do (and they will) you will not find me sitting in the corner, sucking my thumb, wondering what the heck to do!

One response to “Joyful Modeling

  1. That’s fantastic that it’s working so well for you! I started the same thing with Jacen recently and it really works!

    You have so many great ideas and thoughts on here. I love reading your blog.

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