Love Overflowing

Grant’s Farm

We had a somewhat busy Memorial Day weekend so I think I will do two entries.

Saturday we took Emily to Grant’s Farm for the first time. She was so excited to see the “horsies”. That was the first thing we did when we got there- head to the stables. There were quite a few Clydsdales out in the morning. We even got to see a baby taking a rest. She loved it!

We then headed across the street so we could see the rest. She didn’t quite understand why we had to wait in line before we did anything! And it rained while we were on the tram. Go figure. The only rain on the radar was over Grant’s Farm. It was ok though since we were covered. We got to see so many animals! Emily loved the deer and buffalos the best.

After we got off of the tram, we HAD to ride the new carousel there. If there is a carousel anywhere, Emily must ride it. We then checked out the elephants and headed over for lunch. We were going to take in an elephant show after lunch but Emily wasn’t feeling well and her belly started hurting so we headed home.

It was still a good trip even if it got cut short. We got to see tons of animals, walk around and got a souvenir. This was a milestone for Emily. It was the first time she had ever named one of her animals by herself! She named her stuff Clydesdale “Sear”. Not sure where that come from but that’s the name. We had to take one last peek at the “horsies” before we left despite the fever and ucky tummy.

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